Will Happiness Ever Rule The World?

Will Happiness Ever Rule The World?

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.

Clap along, if you feeling like happiness is the truth.

When you worry your face will be a frown.

So that will bring everyone down, so don’t worry.

In every once’s life, we have some trouble.

But when you worry you make it double.

So don’t worry, be happy now”.

Do more that makes you happy, have good vibes only. Turn that frown upside down. The most important decision you could ever make is to be in a good mood. From pre-school to adulthood we taught a very clear lesson over & over again just be happy. Because when you are happy, life is good.May sound simple right!!! but maybe not.

Since 2013 sales of self-help books had been doubled in the world.According to WHO the rate of anxiety & depression around the world has increased over the past 2 decades to 18.4%. These numbers are higher for teens.

In social science, we taught about positive & negative emotions. In positive emotions like happiness. joy, laugh teaches us to embrace. Negative emotion like anger, sadness & fear teaches us to avoid.

Will Happiness Ever Rule The World?

In social science, we taught about positive & negative emotions. In positive emotions like happiness. joy, laugh teaches us to embrace. Negative emotion like anger, sadness & fear teaches us to avoid.

Let us think about the emotions as pleasant & unpleasant. As all emotions taught us something special. Even an especially unpleasant one offers us something important. The chance to investigate why we are feeling these emotions & the opportunity to process them.

Your Anger?

It’s telling you where you feel powerless.

Your Anxiety?

It’s telling you that something in your life is off-balance.

Your fear?

It’s telling you what you care about.

“Your feelings are not random.

They are messengers

Let them speak to you & tell you what you need”—Brianna Wiest.

How To Fully Live Your Life?

How to live life?

Life is hard sometimes & it’s painful sometimes & it’s scary & sad sometimes & is also overwhelmed & beautiful sometimes & filled with joy, love & happiness sometimes. Life is lived in the moment. But many times we forgot to pay attention to the journey, to all the moments which were better & worst both along the way. We need to embrace all of life the ups & downs, both the good & the worst. As life is not supposed to be good all the time…as it is life. we need to learn to celebrate all parts of life.

Happiness Is All About In Our Mind

Happiness is all about mind

We need to do two things: Stop outsourcing our happiness & outsourcing our unhappiness on the people & circumstances. we have to cultivate happiness from the inner self. Happiness & unhappiness is a state of mind & therefore we need to stop finding happiness & unhappiness outside. If our mind is unpeaceful & agitated even we are in good circumstances we find it impossible to be happy. It is not what is happening that is makes us happy & unhappy, it is how we responding to those things. It is the state of mind that determines our happiness & unhappiness. The gift of happiness truly lies within our hearts and minds.

 Life Is More Than Being Happy

Chasing happiness leads to unhappiness. Lack of having the meaning of life.

Is there life is more of being happy?

Many psychologists define happiness as a state of comfort & ease. There should be meaning in life. The study shows those who have meaning in life are more resonant & they do better at work & even do live longer. 

Let’s discuss the 10 daily habits that make you happy:

1)Gratefulness: If you wake up & just be grateful about something. you are automatically happy. If you start your day with gratefulness & hat positivity you are already forcing your brain to think of ways of happier.

 2)Optimism: optimism is having a positive view to see around.

3)Smile a lot: Do things that make you smile. Like watching our favorite comic show or visiting someone’s place. 

4)Have quality friends: If you can have good quality friends around you that give you positive vibes all time.

5)Weed out bad people: In everyone’s life, there are many bad peoples. So rather than think of them too much just weed out them. Probably around 80%-90% we meet will be low quality. These toxic people you need to get out of life. For some people, it is going to be hard to get out of this.

6)Take breaks frequently: According to the study, the person who takes a break every hour is happier & high productivity.

7)Set S.M.A.R.T Goals: We should set an achievable goal & when we reach them it will boost motivation. Setting a goal will motivate us but reaching a goal makes us happier.

8)Learn new even in an odd situation: When we are in an odd situation, we forced ourselves to learn something new. So whenever you are in an odd situation try to learn something new. It will make you happy.

9)Take care of ourselves: If you have gone on an airplane, in case of emergency they said put your mask first so you can help the people around you. This is important for self & personal development. The same, happy people take care of them first so that they can help others. As you cannot help other people if you are depressed or down.

10)Helping other people: when you start helping others it starts making you curious, it takes the focus off yourself & you are not worried about the internal cycle of what going in your mind the worrying stuff & you are more worried about helping. It makes you more productive & makes you a better person than other people.

Formula Of Happiness

Formula of Happiness

If I say the happiness formula is H=P+E+M, where p means pleasure, E means engagement, M means meaning in life or purpose in life.

we normally find pleasure in good food, clothes & places to visit. For the foodies’ food is heaven. what is a problem in pleasure-seeking is that pleasure stays for a limited time. when we eat good food the feeling is pleasure stays as long as we eat food.”If you single-mindedly chase pleasure very soon you will find nothing pleasing anymore”. This is the limitation of pleasure-seeking.

E= engagement, which means the things we actively involve. It might be our job, hobby, or anything else. The things in which we are engaged if we get the satisfaction that means we are happy. Satisfaction gives more happiness than pleasure. Satisfaction is more sustainable.

The difference between pleasure & engagement is like some is watching an international Football match vs someone who is playing a local football match. The person who is watching the match is doing passive consumption & the one who is actively involved in playing is active engagement. Fulfillment is greater in active engagement. Try to get fulfillment through work & the work can be anything.

M means meaning in life or purpose in life. Do anything meaningful. Many times it happens that when we do anything for others it will great from the inside. Swami Vivekananda says“unselfishness is more paying but it needs more maturity to understand that”. It’s very common & logical also many of us can think that if I do for myself it will be more beneficial than doing anything for others, so here need that maturity to understand that level. If we do anything for others inside from our heart we get inner peace which we generally searching investing time, money in ourselves. Generally, we all try to find happiness outside, actual peace is inside ourselves. AATMA(ourselves) is the source of the highest peace.

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