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Kolkata Awadhi biryani

“Biriyani” when we bengali heard this word I am sure none can resist controlling their hunger & emotion. Biriyani is the heart of Bengal. Biriyani & Bengali are two inseparable words. Kolkata biriyani stands as a triumph in the face of food fascists. We had it at almost every celebration & occasion from Annaprasan to marriage reception, birthday treat & promotion treat.Biriyani has become an irresistible part of Bengali’s life. Even when we go to a Restaurant despite 100 menus, biriyani items catch our eyes. Biriyani in Kolkata means soft tender meat & its heavenly smell with fragrant rice gaps and lush potatoes. The Kolkata biryani is more similar to a Persian pulao than any of its brothers and sisters around India. It’s very lightly spiced on the yakhni and you’ll often see potatoes crop up in pulaos in Iran and across the region. Let’s face it, once you’ve had Kolkata’s biryani, with the slow-cooked yakhni oozing, there’s no other biryani to eat. Kolkata biryani comprises rice, chicken/mutton, potato and egg.

But what exactly is Kolkata biryani and how did it originate?

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the tenth and last ruler of Oudh who was on the throne from 1847 to 1856, is said to have brought the biryani to Calcutta in 1856, when he settled in Metiabruz, on the outskirts of Calcutta an impeached, broken ruler. The Nawab, who is known to have been a patron of music, dances and literature and who has often been critiqued for his extravagant lifestyle carried with him, all the way from Lucknow to Calcutta, via Kanpur, a taste of home: the Lucknowi/ Awadhi biryani, cooked in the dumpukht style and served in a sealed handi which also led to this variety of biryani being called the dumpukht biryani or the handi biryani. Dumpukht refers to a style of slow oven cooking. This is a cooking technique associated with the Awadh region, in which the meat, rice and vegetables are cooked on a very low flame, in sealed containers known as handis. The Kolkata biryani departs from its royal Awadhi origins in one distinct way — the presence of the humble potato in this regal biryani, which makes it unique.

Here in Kolkata, Biriyani is not just food for us; metaphorically speaking, it is an absolute emotion. Hence, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a journey through a hot plate of Best Biryani in Kolkata served with love, lush potatoes, and boiled eggs from the 8 Restaurants which serve The Best Biryani In Kolkata.

Here’s the list of 8 Restaurants which serve The Best Biryani In Kolkata:

1. Oudh 1590

Oudh 1590 Biriyani

Oudh 1590 is India’s first period dining restaurant where customers can experience the traditional Nawabi culture of Awadh or Oudh through authentic Awadhi food, costume, music and ambience recreated tastefully.Oudh 1590 takes you back in time to the era of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the gourmet king of Awadh, and his royal Khansamas who created a legacy with their culinary masterpieces.Oudh 1590 famous 2 biriyani dishes are Awadhi Handi biriyani & Raan biriyani. Its price range for two people is Rs.1200.Oudh 1590 has 7 branches.Located in Deshapriya Park,(Opposite Carmel School),Southern Avenue,Naktala,Salt Lake,Jessore Road,Tollygunge Club (Exclusively for Club Members).

2.Arsalan Restaurant & Caterer

Arsalan Restaurant & Caterer

With its outlet throughout Kolkata, Arsalan’s biriyani can undoubtedly beat any other restaurants. From exotic taste along with an eye warming look to different varieties, it has it all and is also pocket friendly. The huge quantity and that perfect aroma make it really popular. With almost all food sites rating it above 4; Arsalan restaurant shall be the topmost in any foodies choice. It has 8 branches across the city, Parkcircus, Circus Avenue, Ripon Street, Diamond Harbour, Hatibagan, Chinar park, Ruby EM bypass & Jessore Road. Its approximate price is 750 for two guests.

3.Behrouz Biryani

Behrouz Biryani
Behrouz Biyani in Ballygunge was named after the lost kingdom Behrouz that hid with itself the recipe of layered rice mixed with spices now known as Biryani. Delivering all across India, this restaurant is worth a try among the 7 Restaurants which serve The Best Biryani In Kolkata. It has acquired a rating of 4.3 and the approximate price is Rs.700 for two guests. Now they started online delivery across all the major cities in India.

4. India Restaurant, Khidirpur

India Restaurant, Khidirpur

India restaurant serves the best meat in Kolkata Biryani which reminds of the burst of flavours Lucknow biriyani. It is a spicier version of Kolkata biryani, made in Dariyabadi style with raisins added. The potato is wholesome. They do not serve egg, at least in the takeaway orders. Its approximate price is Rs.700 for two.



The first outlet was brought into existence in 1929 in Zakaria Street serving the famous Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow. Today, Aminia, is being run by its third and fourth generation. Aminia, being a legacy of 90 years, has been profoundly emphasizing its taste and aromatic chemistry of the spices that blend in perfectly. Besides this, Aminia has its butchery to make sure that only fresh and hand-picked meat is being consumed. It has 9 branches across city, Newmarket, Rajharhat, Jessore Road, shyambazar, golpark, behala, sreerampur, sodepure & barrackpore. Its approximate price is 750 for two guests.

6.Royal Indian Restaurant

Royal Indian Restaurant

One of the finest restaurants of all time in Kolkata. Located in park circus, got a sober ambience and the food taste is good. A vintage restaurant for Awadhi biryani. The speciality of this restaurant is they serve Biriani without potato, instead of that, they serve mutton chunks with the rice. Nowadays they serve biriyani with potato (Kolkata style). It’s also famous for its galouti kebabs. Its approximate price is Rs.700 for two.



Kolkata having its fascination for typical Kolkata biryani only, Kareem’s the national chain has made quite a late entry into the market. However, their location is at the heart of the IT hub, making it a lucrative place for dining for one and many. Everything about it is an excellent recipe for success. Now, they may not have the typical Kolkata biryani Kareem’s has recently opened up in the busy Sector 5 srijan corporate park of Salt Lake to the joy of all office-goers in the area. Its approximate price is Rs.700 for two.

8. Dada Boudi Restaurant

Kolkata's top 8 biriyani Restuarent
Dada Boudi Restaurant

Dada Boudi Restaurant is one of the oldest in the list of 7 Restaurants which serve The Best Biryani In Kolkata. With a group of friendly staff and a varied menu, it will just fit you right. It is located in S.N. Banerjee Road, Barrackpore. This restaurant offers Biryani, North Indian, Chinese, and Mughlai. Here is where you will find the Best Biryani in Kolkata.It costs approximately Rs.600 for two guests.

That’s all I have got for you as of now! Comment down and let me know which one is your favourite?

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