How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work


Hey, Are you afraid of distance relationships? If yes, this post is definitely for you.Standing in the 21st century & having a distance relationship is quite common & one of the foremost difficult relationships and still one that everybody wants to experience is a long-distance relationship.

Now the world has become a global village. Many couples due to their studies, jobs, research-related work, transfer, or staying with their parent’s native land have to keep their relationship in a distance mode. There are many instances where a boy & a girl met for Studies, a job, internship, or other purposes & the relationship may start.

Many times we may intentionally or unintentionally fall into a distance relationship. It is an extended distance relationship that some people want once in a lifetime. Maintenance is tough to try and it’s a mainstream statement. Many people believe that distance relationships are never getting to work out. Even family may discourage it and friends may advise not to take it too seriously,  just in case your heartbroken.

Nobody says it’s getting to be easy —  the additional distance makes many things unachievable. Things could get complicated, and you’ll get sad and lonely sometimes. This is often the simplest thanks to realizing the importance of another person. It shows us the true value of one relationship and therefore the merits of the opposite. This is often a test for all those that are strong enough to handle it.

In a distance relationship, 6 months duration might be like 2 years of deep, focused, relationship work. So, here are a couple of tips and ways anyone can torch their long distance.

1.Couple Should Communicate Regularly In A Creative Way

Couple Should Communicate Regularly In A Creative Way

This is the foremost important part of the connection. Having the ability to inform another person how you felt throughout the day may sound a touch cliche, but it’s best for you. But yes, don’t force them to understand each and everything. Nobody wants to possess an unnecessary conversation like this. Communicating openly will help the couples to create a trust factor.A couple might send pictures, audio clips, short videos & this will keep a love & interest factor alive.

2.Couple Should Maintain Limited Communication

Couple Should Maintain Limited Communication

A couple should not be very sticky and over possessive. Don’t need to communicate 12 hours each day to stay the connection going. Many couples think that they have to catch up on the space by doing more, this is often not true. And it’s only make things worse. Soon you’d get uninterested in “loving.”Remember: Less is more. it’s not about spamming — you’re only getting to exhaust yourselves. It’s really about teasing at the proper moments and tugging at the proper spots. Couples should focus on the quality conversation.

3.Couple Should Be Clear About What They Expecting From A Distance Relationship

Couple Should Be Clear About What They Expecting From A Distance Relationship

A couple should be clear about what they expect from the distance relationship & for that set some ground rules which will keep both of them maintain healthiness in a distance relationship. Might be an example of what is their commitment level? What will be your relationship status for others? Is it monogamous? open? or in-between?.

4.Couple Should Keep A Sensual Touch In A Distance Relationship

Couple Should Keep A Sensual Touch In A Distance Relationship

Sensual connection is an important part of every relationship, so is distance. It is the thing that keeps both of them together & adds species & romanticism into the relationship. It is not biological but emotional as well. As it is quite impossible for distant relationships, there are few ways to keep the flames burning by ways of good communication, respect for boundaries & good imaginary power with some naughtiness. Many called it dirty talk.

5.Keep The Strong Belief Of Distance Relationship

Keep The Strong Belief Of Distance Relationship

We already know that a Distance relationship is not that easy & here mutual trust & proper communication are important factors. Many times situations will be there where the couple will not be able to match the times due to study, work Or family reasons. Without knowing when both can be together is the starting point of getting frustrated. But always remember that whenever a couple chooses to text messages & call each other that means that they are making a strong & beautiful decision of being together. Couples should embrace the challenges together

6.Settling A Timeline Of The Relationship

Settling A Timeline Of The Relationship

The basic question every couple has in mind is what is the future of the relationship? How long will we keep ourselves apart? The fact is no couple can be in a distant relation in the long run. At some time they have to settle down. For that, they need to have the same goal & determination. The couple has to make a time frame for the ultimate goal that is to settle down.


7. Avoid Confrontation

Avoid Confrontation

In a distance relationship misunderstanding & confrontation is a common factor. This happens when couples spending some uncomfortable moments find that they are on the same emotional stage. Eventually when a person is not getting importance & priorities while in a distance relationship. As relationships grow, the couple begins to understand that they need certain responsibilities and duties toward their partner. If a couple is trying to find ways to strengthen their relationship & functioning hard to regain confidence. At that time fighting on all the mistakes of the past in your current fight is very immature.

8.Enjoy Moments With Your Family & Friends

Enjoy Moments With Your Family & Friends

In the distance, a relationship couple finds themselves lonely. From loneliness comes frustration & we spend hours neglecting family & friends. couples don’t have to have their world roaming around their partner. They are alone but not lonely. The feeling of loneliness kills from inside & destroys the inner self. So couples should spend their quality time doing whatever they like to do best i.e go to the gym, watch movies, read books, visit new places & many more

9.Doing Similar Kind Of Activities

Doing Similar Kind Of Activities

As distance relationship is all about distance & Couples are hardly doing things together with each other in a physical way. Many times it will happen that couples could not get a topic for their talk. The couple should share some books, movies, web series, or youtube videos so that they get a common topic for their talk.

10 Do Video Call Frequently

Do Video Call Frequently

A distance relationship can create a feeling of loneliness. So whenever it is possible for a video call, do it without thinking too much. As looking into each other’s eyes & hearing each other’s voice makes the couple feel better & at some level decrease the sense of distance.

In the conclusion part, it’s a common misconception that in a distant relationship, one person has to sacrifice the need & desire for the other. But in reality, this is how a relationship often breaks up. Never lose sight of the big picture & never give up. According to statistics, 70% of the distance relationship broke up due to unexpected changes in partners. So couples before going to distance relationship should ask few questions to themself

1)Are you in a good place psychologically?

2)Are you sure the partner is the right one for you?

3)Are you optimistic about the distance?

4)How good do you know about your partner?

5)What will you do when you reach that endpoint?

If above all your answer is positive you can go ahead.

10 Mistakes Couples Do In A Relationship

10 Mistakes Couples Do In A Relationship

The nature of relationships in the 21st century has beckoned us to a new cultural and social horizon.Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives, yet we can often forget just how crucial our relationship with other people are for our physical and mental health and wellbeing. One Of The Most Critical Choices A Person Can Make Is With Whom To Be In Relationship; The Second Most Critical Is With Whom Not To Be In Relationship.

Let’s discuss the 10 mistakes couples do while in a relationship.

1.Going For Commitment Too Quickly

Going For Commitment Too Quickly

There are many couples, especially with less experience in long term relationships, rush into commitments quickly as they think that this may be their only chance for love. Ignoring the intensity or how deep is their relationship. prematurely can be a sure recipe for driving away from the other partner. A relationship is a process, and it needs to unfold over time.It is always preferable that before knowing each other & match the compatible level then go for commitment, as commitment is something more serious & more responsible.

2.Disclose Personal Information At The Onset Of The New Relationship

Disclose Personal Information At The Onset Of The New Relationship

We always heard from our childhood that honesty is the best policy, but it does not apply to all situations. Many couples unloaded every bit of personal information at the onset of the new relationship.New couples even disclose the information even on the subject like family secrets, family assets, finances & previous relationships which are not advisable at all. If we do that too early in the development of a relationship we run the risk that if it doesn’t work out, we’ve given out a lot of very personal data that can come back to hurt us.

3.Consciously Hiding Things

Consciously Hiding Things

while revealing too much is the mistake of a relationship, so can consciously keeping secrets or withholding information. Hiding things that would be emotionally damaging for the other person to find out. It is not always that dishonesty is the reason for the action. During relationships couples hide simple pieces of information from their partner which harms their relationship & creates a trust issue. A lot of dishonesty in a relationship can be highly problematic.

4.Avoiding Confrontation

Avoiding Confrontation

It is always advisable in a relationship that couples should share their feelings, thoughts liking & disliking to their partners. It’ll often seem easier to let things go in a relationship rather than harp on them, but suppressing feelings too often can become problematic down the line, postponing arguments until those feelings have reached their boiling point. If something about the relationship troubles you, it is advisable to take it up with your partner rather than complaining to other persons. Don’t allow any other 3rd person to interfere in your relationship.

5.Fighting on a petty arguments

Fighting on a petty arguments

In a relationship, some partners prefer to tackle every potential disagreement head-on as soon as it comes. However, while trying to immediately talk through every minor argument can become exhausting for both partners. This escalated conflicts that would resolve themselves over time. It doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding that topic forever, it just means avoiding that conflict right now and waiting for when it can be dealt with more rationally. Eventually, it has been seen that couples due to lack of concentration fight on simple things that are not a matter of disagreement.

6.Being Suspicious

Being Suspicious

Many times it has been seen in a relationship that couples, whether resulting from a partner’s past dishonesty or their insecurities, being constantly suspicious is a definite red flag and usually indicates trust issues somewhere in the relationship. This mistrust creates a trace of bitterness in a relationship. This mistrust can stem from many sources. Mistrust makes couples do some paranoid behaviors like snooping through a partner’s texts to follow them to see where their partner goes & whom to meet with. With some extreme might hire a detective for the same.

7.Being Overly Affectionate

Being Overly Affectionate

Many times, especially in a new relation & even an old relationship, may lead to a practice called love bombing where one showers their partner with verbal affirmations, physical affection & favors to the point of excess. Many times over possessiveness act as a boomerang. Acting out behaviors associated with a more established relationship before reaching a strong, emotional foundation may ring hollow.

8.Not Giving Enough Time To Relationship

Not Giving Enough Time To Relationship

In a relationship, especially in an old relationship, partners often complain to each other that their partner and the relationship are not investing enough time, energy, and emotional affection. While a relationship can be an outlet to talk about oneself, be wary if either you or your partner fails to reciprocate by listening and showing concern for the other person’s experiences and emotions. Partners must give enough time for their relationship & which should not fade with time.Every partner expects that their other half will give time to the relationship,spend quality time & share their emotion & feelings.Sometimes a partner may think of being neglected & often causes mental trauma.

9.Focusing Much on the Physical Desire

Focusing Much on the Physical Desire

Often not investing enough in a partner’s emotions is the mistake of focusing too much on a relationship’s physical aspects. If everything we have and value about the relationship is physical or sexual, it can be very fulfilling in the short run, but it’s not enough to build a long-term relationship. At some point, the physical attraction and sexual excitement are going to fade, and when that becomes the primary focus, we’re not investing in things that will give that relationship a fair chance of sustaining itself.

10.Sacrificing Other Relationships and Interests

Sacrificing Other Relationships and Interests

Often seen that couples started neglecting their hobbies & personal connections in favor of their partners.According to Floyd, one of the physiological symptoms of infatuation is a reduction of the brain’s serotonin levels, resulting in an ADHD-like state wherein one’s attention keeps reverting to the object of affection. Not only is this poor prioritizing and alienating to other friends, but it can also set the relationship up for resentment and disappointment as one single person will rarely if ever be enough to meet all our relational needs.

Five things you can do

1.   Give time: put more time aside to connect with friends and family.

2.   Be present: it can be tempting to check your phone, Facebook messages, or even work emails when with family and friends. Try to be present at the moment and be there for your loved ones, and switch out of work mode whenever possible.

3.   Listen: actively listen to what others are saying in a non-judgemental way and concentrate on their needs at that moment.

4.   Be listened to: share how you are feeling, honestly, and allow yourself to be listened to and supported.

5.   Recognise unhealthy relationships: being around positive people can make us happier; however, our wellbeing can be negatively affected by harmful relationships, leaving us unhappy. Recognizing this can help us move forward and find solutions to issues.

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