How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Hey, Are you afraid of distance relationships? If yes, this post is definitely for you.Standing in the 21st century & ...
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10 Mistakes Couples Do In A Relationship

10 Mistakes Couples Do In A Relationship

The nature of relationships in the 21st century has beckoned us to a new cultural and social horizon.Relationships are one ...
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Kolkata Awadhi biryani

Top 8 Biriyani Restaurant in Kolkata

“Biriyani” when we bengali heard this word I am sure none can resist controlling their hunger & emotion. Biriyani is ...
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Are Dysthymia & Depression both same?

Are Depression & Dysthymia both the same?

Depression is common during adolescence and it may look different in teens than adults. Teens often seem more irritable than ...
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Old aged persons doing yoga

Enjoy Old Age With Some Good Care

Getting older is a fact of life. As much as we’d love to stay young forever, we have to grow ...
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Does Conventional Marketing Still Relevant In The 21st Century?

Hey Reader! Are you one of those people who think Conventional Marketing became old,which will not work in the 21st ...
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